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Leaking Water and repairs
Service in Melbourne Australia.

As Australians we know that water is a precious resource. In fact, Australia is the driest populated continent in the world and, here in Melbourne, we are regularly placed on water restrictions. With even a single dripping tap accounting for a high proportion of your household’s daily water usage. This is why it’s always best to do a quick audit that accounts for both obvious and hidden leaks.

Here’s some steps you can take

Here’s some steps you can take to check for Leaking Water:

Whether a leak is visible or hidden, the quicker you engage a licensed plumber to fix the problem, the more money you will save. Leaking water not only cost in terms of water usage, but may be doing long-term, and expensive, damage to your home.

Check your property for any visible water leaks from taps, toilets, showers, etc.

Turn off all taps and appliances using water.

Take a reading from your water meter, then wait for at least one hour (this includes flushing the loo)

After at least 1 hour read the meter again. If the reading has changed then it is odds on you have leaking water.

Emergency Plumbing

Incidents like leaks, floods and faults can happen unexpectedly and without warning. And quite often there’s no way to predict when you might need a plumber. Which is why we offer a 24/7 emergency service to help you out whenever you need us. Our quick yet thoughtful approach to problem solving is coupled with the latest technology. Which means we can diagnose and resolve your plumbing issues fast and without delay.

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