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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if there’s a gas leak?

Because gas cannot be detected through smell nor sound, we couple our expertise with the latest technology to quickly establish if there’s a gas leak in your home.

What areas of Melbourne do Endpoint Plumbing serve?

Endpoint Plumbing are happy to come to any area in and around Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

How do you price for a job?

At Endpoint Plumbing we are happy to give fixed upfront prices for work or work off an agreed hourly rate depending on the job and the customers’ requirements.

What are the additional costs associated with emergency call outs?

You can enjoy a flat rate fee from Endpoint Plumbing with no hidden charges. Which can be obtained over the phone prior to call out.

What appliances use the most gas?

Gas efficiency is important to both us and our environment so it makes sense to opt for appliances that are the most energy efficient. New gas appliances come complete with an Energy Rating Label which help you determine for efficient your appliance is.

Why should I hire a licensed plumber?

Hiring a competent and licensed plumber is the only way to ensure your installations and repairs are completed to the highest standard. Endpoint Plumbing are an accredited business and we have a 100% guarantee on all of our work.

Want to chat about your plumbing needs?

Contact Endpoint Plumbing and speak to Nathan today